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I hate how the phrase ‘have some self respect’ is used to shame women who are comfortable with their sex lives. ‘Have some self respect’? I do respect myself, that’s why I wanna have a fucking orgasm tonight, thank you very much.

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I understand many of dislike PewDiePie, but is this really necessary? Making a fake Fox News article saying that he had raped 3 children? This is incredibly rude and disrespectful. I understand that yes, he made rape jokes, but he has not made any rape jokes in the past 4 months in any of his videos. 

He has to put up with this bullshit only because he plays video games like the millions like him. He even gets death threats, and why? He only plays fucking video games.

Do you even see how supportive his is of his ‘Bro Army’? Without them, he wouldn’t have a job. Making these videos is his job. This is how he makes money. So it’s not like he can just stop making videos because some people don’t like him.

Please, just respect him for who he is and stop making up this bullshit. He’s just another guy who enjoys video games. Not some child molester.

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“gay baby jail” is a joke rich with many layers of humor.

how can you tell if a baby is gay? why would a baby go to jail? why is there a jail specifically for gay babies? what crime could a gay baby have committed? are these crimes so common that a jail must specifically be built for gay babies? the questions are endless.

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I see this every day in my sketchbook so I gave in and coloured it~ Ahh I love drawing Roxy~

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It’s so weird when people are squeamish about seeing brains because that’s their own brain making a decision that it looks disgusting. Brains don’t like how they look.

self conscious brains aww

brains don’t like what they look like because they’re not supposed to be visible

because if they’re visible something is deeply wrong

you might say it’s braingerous  

a brain made the decision to make that joke

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O. M. G

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How to break out of a zip-tie- potentially life-saving information

You guys, please share it. You never know when someone is going to need this information.

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i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

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